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AlumatIQ is an automated anodeshift robot system for the aluminium smelting industry.

The AlumatIQ system is handling the whole operation from opening oven covers​, crust chiseling, anode replacement, controlling autonomous vehicles​ and incorporating safety systems for the operator. The main customer values for AlumatIQ is HSEQ – a safer workspace for the human operator as well as increased quality and lower production costs resulting in a more environmentally friendly operation.

AlumatIQ is a joint venture company between three Norwegian companies.

CoFounder is a leading management and investment company for early-stage technology companies. The company was established in 2010 and has built up a portfolio of investments in traditional Norwegian industries such as oil / gas, aquaculture and the energy sector. CoFounder manages a fund of NOK 87 million on behalf of KLP and Innovation Norway.

MOMEK Group AS is an industrial group with operations in maintenance, modification, fabrication, building contractors and staffing. The company is headquartered in Mo i Rana and have operations in Sweden, Finland and Germany. The company has grown from a small workshop company to Northern Norway’s largest workshop group. The company has had a turnover of about 600 million.

Avanti Engineering AS was established in 1993 and has strong expertise in the fields of electrical and automation. The company has its roots in the Norwegian smelting industry and provides automation solutions for new or existing plants. Avanti Engineering currently has 14 employees. The company is headquartered in Mo i Rana.

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